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Wine is our passion and everything we do is focused on producing the best wines. As a small scale exclusive winery, we are able to manage and control every single stage of the winemaking process - from knowledgably growing, nurturing and harvesting the grapes to the art of producing high quality wines.


Starting their journey to becoming a premium wine, the grapes arrive to the winery in small plastic boxes of 20 kilograms. The bunches are hand-sorted before going to the destemmer where the grapes are separated from the stems. After the destemmer the grapes are hand-sorted again. Finally, only the best grapes are sent to the tanks to start the fermentation process.


The winery is built in such a way that the fruit and wine are transported by gravity.  The winery aims to avoid any unnecessary pumping and relies on nature to do the work where possible.


All the wines that are aged, are aged in French oak barrels. The winery’s cellar capacity is 2,000 barrels. 




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